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Internet ESL Teacher Resources

Literature Sites
1.    Cyberguide:  Teacher Guides and Student Activities

This is a fantastic site for those interesting in including literature in their classes.  Multiple activities including Internet activities to accompany reading assignments have already been developed for a variety of popular plays, novels, and short stories.  Visit the K9-12 link for cyberguides for higher level reading, writing, or literature courses.

Reference Sites

1.    National Geographic World, Country, and State Maps

Where better to look for a map than at National Geographic?

Testing Tools and Programs

1.    The Cloze Test

Visit this site to download a free program to help you create cloze readings.

Using Video and Television Clips in ESL

1.    Volterre - Fr  /   Video Cassettes and the Internet by Linda Thalman

This file in Volterre-Fr started in June 1997 as a snapshot of Internet resources for using video in the EFL/ESL/ELT classroom and teaching with the Internet. It was published in an expanded article in the Tesol-France publication The Journal in the fall of 1997. I update this page with further references and make any needed changes to URL's to keep up with the changing Internet world.

Writing Sites

1.    TOEFL Writing Prompts

Here's a list of writing topics that could be good prompts for midterms, finals, etc.

2.    Plagiarism

(From Charlie Honnold): Someone told me about a website to detect plagiarism.  I found a couple that sell software for doing the job and a few sites that talk about it and how to avoid it that might be nice for students to see--especially in ESL 5.

This was what my search on Altavista revealed to me.  It has some interesting sites.

University of Northern British Columbia  checklist for avoiding plagiarism:

Glatt Plagiarism software:         

Along with a program that searches for the sources of plagiarism, they have a nice program that converts the suspected plagiarizing student's paper into a cloze test and then have the student fill in the blanks.  Their stuff is very expensive.  Each program costs $200.

EVE (Essay verification Engine)

This program for detecting plagiarism costs $34.95

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